International Trainer


23 Rue des Jonchets

25430 Sancey


+336 70 58 42 27


 – STAPS option table tennis coach and BE2 in Bulgaria

– DEJEPS diploma in France

– Languages ​​spoken: English, German, French, Bulgarian and Russian


From 2003 to 2020: CTD to the Doubs and Loire Table Tennis Committee. Responsible for both high level players and general training for all public.

From 1993 to 2003: Club coach in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the United Arab Emirates: 10 gold medals in the national championships and the Champions League final.

From 1987 to 1992: Player and Coach at ASTV Lenzing Modal (Austria).

From 1986 to 1987: Finalist in the European Cup of Champion Clubs as a pro player at ASTV Saarbrücken (Germany) with J.O Waldner, coached by the famous Stelan Bengston.

From 1985 to 1986: Player and trainer of Betine Vriesekoop, 2 times European Ladies’ Champion in the Netherlands.

1985: Ranked 9th World single senior

1987: Third place in the European Super League

(victories against the best world players like J.O Waldner, J Persson, J.P Gatien, Jacques Secretin, J.M Saive, Kua Yau Hua, Saito, etc.) and champion of the Balkans

Participation: 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

  5 times at the World Championships

  5 times at the European Championship


« Apart from my work, I learn alone human physiology, nutrition for the high level, bodybuilding, breathing, relaxation, meditation and everything that allows you to reach the top. Everything has been experienced on myself. I operate worldwide. «  •High level courses and all audiences •Training of coaches •Free trial of normal and special rubbers (long, mid-long pimples, softs, anti-top from the brand Dr Neubauer and Loukov), atypical woods and adapted gestures. Specific learning according to Chinese and Japanese grip of the racket.

THEMES: •High level training •Training for all ages •Physical, general and specific preparation for Table tennis •Many balls practice •Robot training •Recovery aid •Relaxation technique •Breathing technique •Meditation technique •Adapted nutrition •According to your demand •Others…


300 euros per day + Travel and accommodation costs

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